At present there are no national or international guidelines that standardise how we should guide women on returning to running during the post pregnancy.


In March 2019 Grainne Donnelly, Emma Brockwell and Tom Goom successfully released the 'Returning to Running Postnatal Guidelines for Medical, Health and Fitness Professionals Managing this Population.'


These guidelines provide a framework to support professionals on how best to support and rehab women through this period.

As specialist physiotherapists working with ante and post natal clients we follow these guidelines closely. We also encourage our clients to familiarise themselves with these guidelines to help them understand the importance of structured rehab and appropriate progressive exercise post-pregnancy. 


Key areas covered in the guidelines include:-

  • Signs and symptoms of pelvic floor and/or abdominal wall dysfunction
  • Risk factors and contra-indications to return to running
  • Assessment of strength, impact management and readiness to run
  • Return to running strategies
  • Key considerations such as breastfeeding, sleep and psychosocial factors.

To access a free detailed copy of these guidelines please click the link below -


Please contact us at Fit Bumps & Beyond to discuss these guidelines in more detail.


*If you feel you are having issues and you are still keen to return to running it it essential to follow an appropriate rehab program to facilitate this without causing further harm - please get in touch with the team to discuss this.

Please do not put up with symptoms such as urinary or bowel urgency or leakage - yes they are common but they are not normal. Putting  a TENA pad on is not the answer!