The Beyond......


The postpartum period is commonly defined as the "six weeks' following childbirth. This is a very important time for both you and your newborn baby as you adjust to each other and your expanded family. In the first few hours and days after childbirth, you will experience many changes, both physically and emotionally and over the next six weeks or so, your body will slowly and naturally return to pre pregnancy state. 


Does 6 weeks sound very quick? After all you have just spent 9 months growing a baby inside you - yes it is incredible what you body can do. You have then either delivered your little or not so little bundle of joy by pushing it out vaginally or someone has taken a scalpel to your belly to perform a c-section. Either way this transformative process requires a lot of changes and it is essential to give your body appropriate time to heal from the inside out. 


Here at FitBumps and Beyond we recognise that postpartum recovery and care does not last 6 weeks, in actual fact postpartum recovery is an extremely personal and individual journey and can last a lifetime - 'Once postpartum always postpartum' -  We strive to provide support for every women , their baby, partner and family and we recognise that everyone has their own story to tell. We are hear to listen and guide. 


In this section we will provide information of common postpartum topics / issues that can arise. 


Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.