Such guidelines present a UK-wide consensus on the amount and type of physical activity that is needed to benefit health during pregnancy.


These guidelines have been updated using the best available evidence and reflect what we know now about the relationship between physical activity and health. 


The UK CMOs' guidelines provide recommendations on the frequency, intensity, duration and types of physical activity during pregnancy.


At Fit Bumps and Beyond we recommend that women make use of these guidelines during their pregnancy and work towards achieving the recommended activity levels. 


The benefits of physical activity during pregnancy identified by the review were:-

reduction in hypertensive disorders; improved cardiorespiratory fitness; lower gestational weight gain; and reduction in risk of gestational diabetes.


Physical activity choices should reflect activity levels pre-pregnancy and should include strength training.  Vigorous activity is not recommended for previously inactive women. 


Even small changes can make a big difference over time and as said in the guidelines: some is good, more is better.