At Fitbumps and Beyond we are Lisburn's only provider of specialised Physiotherapist led ante and postnatal fitness programmes designed to meet the many different phases of a woman's journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond.


All our programmes are Physiotherapist led so you will be in expert hands as we guide you through the journey to remain active, healthy and in control of your body.


FitBumps helps to keep you active, fit and feeling great throughout your pregnancy. Physically prepare yourself and your baby for labour and aid a quicker recovery.


FitMums360 is a postnatal exercise programme.. Restore function & strength and activate your core & pelvic floor. Start or return to exercise safely. Babies welcome.


Mum360 Check is a postnatal Physiotherapy assessment to review body alignment, breathing techniques, movement patterns, pelvic floor & tummy muscles

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